latest07-14-11New Books by Ken Lipman

Ken Lipman’s most recent book, Kingdoms of Experience, the Four Worlds of Kabbalah s Prayer and Meditation, is now available on Kingdoms of Experience was published in November 2011 by Arts and Letters Press.

Kingdoms of Experience: The Four Worlds of Kabbalah as Prayer and Meditation is for both experienced and beginning meditators interested in learning a practical approach to meditation in the western tradition.

What’s it about? The Image of God within us. Our ability to sense, imagine, think, and will constitute is the Image of God within us. This book explains how to cultivate these abilities so that they become the means for experiencing God’s presence in the world.  I integrate insights and practices from modern psychology, such as Gendlin’s focusing and Jungian active imagination, into a holistic vision and practical application. Kingdoms of Experience includes meditation instructions (kavvanah) on Hebrew prayers, as well as a discussion of the relationship of the meditations presented in this book to Buddhist contemplative practices.

This book avoids the problem that many guides to Kabbalistic spiritual practices have: they attempt to guide us through these practices by offering essentially a warmed-over presentation of Vedantic and/or Buddhist yogic and meditational techniques and concepts. Kingdoms of Experience goes much more deeply into genuine Kabbalistic sources and practices. In addition, the book contains unusually clear and useful descriptions of difficult Kabbalist mystical and philosophical concepts, such as the four worlds and the sefirot. If you are willing to devote the time, energy, intelligence, and concentration into deeply enhancing your spiritual and mental life, this is a book for you.

Kingdoms of Experience, is now available at  Take a look inside.

Ken’s previous book, Secret Teachings of Padmasambhava, Essential Instructions On Mastering the Energies of Life was published in October of 2010 by Shambala Press and is also available at